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$804 of $800 target.

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Georgia Lethbridge

$804 of $800 target.

Raised by 0 people in days for RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service Australia Inc)

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Hey Friends,

I'm taking part in the Blackmores Half Marathon in the hope of raising some much needed cash for the incredible organisation RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service). I've seen first hand some of the amazing work RACS is doing and I'm honoured to be able to support their cause. 


Did you know a half marathon is 21 km?? I didn't and now I'm somewhat regretting the decision to sign up for this, however if you want to make me feel better please donate all your money to RACS. Alright, all your money is probably asking too much but some of your money would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you for your support!! 






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RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service Australia Inc)

Refugee Advice and Casework Service is one of Australia’s leading refugee legal centres but without funding our future is at stake. RACS is an independent community legal centre that has been providing free, specialist legal service for asylum seekers and refugees for over 25 years. To quote the Refugee Council of Australia : “Good legal advice assists governments to identify those who need refugee protection and provides greater assurance that refugees are not sent back to situations of serious harm…RACS has a proven track record of providing quality migration advice to asylum seekers and is highly respected within the non-government sector. The services provided by RACS do not merely assist asylum seekers to navigate the application process; they play a crucial role in ensuring that asylum seekers are not returned to danger. RCOA strongly supports the work of RACS and hopes to see the organisation continue to provide its vital services into the future.” Our specialist legal team is trained in assisting highly vulnerable clients through the complicated protection visa process, at both the Department of Immigration and the Refugee Review Tribunal stages. RACS also offers help to refugees with family reunion visas as part of our holistic service. •    We believe asylum seekers and refugees should be able to live their lives with dignity, security, family unity and freedom. •    Our work is premised on a commitment to fundamental human rights, human dignity and international protection. Our clients are often survivors of torture and trauma, coming from a wide range of countries, they require an environment that gives consideration to their welfare as a whole, not just their legal needs. RACS’ lawyers are trained to support their clients through the difficult process of articulating the fears that drove them to flee from their home country.  Our clients are people, NOT a legal problem. Clients are not hurried through our interviews but afforded the time required to revisit the horrors that made them leave their home country and make the journey to Australia.  Through our strong connection to the asylum seeker support network, we are able to link our clients in with medical, social and welfare support agencies like the Asylum Seeker Centre, Red Cross and Survivor of Torture and Trauma Services. However, the Federal Government has made cuts to asylum seeker legal services by “stealth”. There has been no “big” Climate Commission-type announcement, just the cessation of referrals to legal services by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Without RACS' support, asylum seekers will be left to navigate on their own the legal complexities of applying to be a refugee in Australia. Without YOUR support, RACS will not be able to provide legal support to some of the most vulnerable people in Australia.  Sign up to Gofundraise and Run for RACS and Refugees, Walk for RACS and Refugees, Swim for RACS and Refugees!

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Georgia Lethbridge

for RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service Australia Inc)

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$804 of $800 target

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